Barbara A Basel

Improved work performance

Improved time management

Improved interpersonal effectiveness

Improved self-confidence

Improved relationships

Improved communication skills

Improved life/work balance

I work with individuals who are interested in embarking on a new, renewed or stronger leadership role. Professionals working with me will learn and appreciate key factors that will enable them to reach their leadership goals.  As a result, they will have maximum impact on the system.  If you are interested in tapping into your true potential to achieve your personal and professional goals consider Leadership Coaching.  
Here are just some of the benefits you may experience through working with a coach:

Do you know exactly what you want, but you haven’t committed to making whatever it is happen?

Do you feel stuck, and know you have untapped potential lying beneath the surface?

Are you ready to take on a role at work, but something is holding you back?

Are you seeking objective feedback and a confidential sounding board to help you gain personal insight?

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Barbara Basel

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